Tips to Master Work-Life Balance

We found this article by Melinda Emerson of the FedEx Small Business Team incisive.

Many of our busy clients struggle to achieve work-life balance, just like we do, so we though we'd share these excellent tips from the "Open Forum"at American Express/FedEx's online resource.

Here's an excerpt, with a link to the full article. Enjoy!


6 Steps to Mastering the Elusive Work-Life Balance

Is it possible to find work-life balance as an entrepreneur? The answer is yes and no. In its first few years, your business owns you. Like a newborn, it demands all your time and effort to survive. Since breaking even usually takes 18 to 36 months, you usually begin to see daylight around year four. That's when you start to get your life back, but that's also when you must learn to prioritize.

Being a grinding workaholic may have kept your business afloat at the startup stage, but it's also a great way to burn out, ultimately losing your business and possibly your family. These six tips can help you better balance your life and your work as an entrepreneur.

Focus on being present, wherever you are. Entrepreneurs always have a lot going on. We'll appear distracted at best, disrespectful at worst. Give people your full attention everywhere you go by setting appointments for meetings and phone calls when you know you won't be disturbed and taking care of anything pressing beforehand. Be present with your loved ones, too. Do not take calls once you pick up the kids from school, while you're out at the ball field or during dinner.

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