Welcome Gifts

Current Customer Welcome Gift

Welcome your customers!

Building a strong relationship with your customers begins with your very first contact and the very first impression you convey. Its importance is never taken for granted by organizations that compete to win.

Developed by Marketing Tools Inc. as a “thank you for your business” to new customers, these gifts are ordered by company representatives on an MTI-designed website and are staged to arrive at the three-month and 12-month anniversaries of their business relationship with the new customer.

We gift-wrap each item and include a personalized gift card from the appropriate Relationship Manager. A personalized letter from the Regional President is also included with the initial gift basket. All sourcing, kitting, packaging and shipping are handled by MTI.  Our web team developed and maintains a secure, dynamic database of profile information on each new customer which Relationship Managers can update at any time. The site is also configured to quickly create the customized reports required by the marketing team.


“I have so enjoyed working with you all these years, you have made my job sooooo easy! And I appreciate everything you do!”