Co-Branded Product Launch

Virtual Wallet Co-Branded launch, collegiate brandingWe take the work out of co-branding and collegiate programs!

Coordinating our work with more than 65 colleges and universities, Marketing Tools Inc. develops co-branded product programs for PNC Bank which promote student use of its Virtual Wallet online product. We design and produce more than 85,000 custom T-shirts and over 400,000 co-branded promotional products each year in support of this highly-successful program.

“All went well with Nick’s sales team and I am glad we had the survey responses as proof of our success. We surprised them that we had already gathered the fields' feedback and the positive responses. The sales team is looking to repeat the one drop shipment process for premiums next year vs staggered.

Please again thank your team including Kline for making this program a success this year and for taking the time to care about our program’s success.”