Holiday Promotion

Holiday Gift Card, holiday promotional campaign, product launchWe'll help you make the most of the holidays!

To promote a new holiday gift card program, our client commissioned Marketing Tools Inc. to develop a custom holiday globe for use as an ornament and as a display vehicle for the new Visa gift card. MTI produced 85,000 units and distributed them to more than 2,400 branch locations in the U.S. We also distributed more than 200,000 of the gift cards for this particular promotion.


“I am a PNC employee and I need to let someone know how wonderful Micaela Merryweather is. In the summer I had ordered marketing materials for a very large Sunday event and they had not arrived by Friday, she had them rushed to my home on Saturday and really saved me from disaster. We were a brand new branch to the community and she helped us to make a great impression. Then recently I transferred to another branch and in the move, I lost the ordering information. So today I e-mailed her and she very quickly e-mailed me the link. She is phenomenal. She really goes above and beyond and never made me feel like a nuisance. I really appreciate her help especially now during our transition when we are learning new things and working extra hard to keep our customers happy. Thank you, first for your time, and I hope this e-mail makes a difference the way she has for me. Have a great day!”