High-Value Prospective Client Gifts

High-value client premium gifts for prospective clients

Campaigns to target executive level prospects...

Marketing Tools Inc. developed this campaign for our corporate banking client to target companies with sales of $50,000,000 to $100,000,000. Knowing how difficult it is to get an audience with a CFO or Director of Finance, the program accomplished four touch points using higher-value gifts.

Using contact information provided by our client, MTI would ship a series of three gifts two weeks apart (complete with the business card of the local Relationship Manager) directly to individual prospects. For follow-up purposes, we also prepared and forwarded a report of which gifts had been sent to whom on which dates to the client. The final gift in the program was delivered in-person by the local representative.

“Brett—I can’t thank you enough for going so far above and beyond for National City. When I made the request yesterday, I never dreamt you could make it happen! It was nothing short of miraculous. As always, I was completely happy and look forward to working with you on many, many more projects!”