Promotional Blitz

Prospect customer gift, shelf blitzLeave a lasting impression!

One of the most difficult challenges for businesses seeking new customers is finding a way to distinguish themselves from their competitors. ‘Top-of-mind’ awareness is crucial and we’ve spent decades learning what works and what does not. Developed as a gift for prospective corporate banking customers by Marketing Tools Inc., this automobile emergency kit is shipped from our Regional Fulfillment Center directly to the prospect along with the business card of the person who made the business presentation to him or her.


Shelf Blitz High perceived value nets great returns!

It’s not always the actual value of a gift that impresses potential customers, but rather its “perceived” value. That’s why these BBQ sets used by our client’s sales teams for potential customers are so effective.  Each set has a retail value of $99. MTI sources and sells them for less than 50% of that . The MTI service also includes adding a gift card and shipping each set directly to the customer.


“Thanks for the follow-up! The event last Thursday went really well. The hourglasses made a wonderful impression and really helped pull through the evening’s theme. The gold imprint was the perfect choice, and the logo looks great! Your team was unfailingly professional, accommodating, responsive and very skilled in talking me off the ledge on more than one occasion! I really enjoyed working with you again. Thank you very much!”