I work in strategic procurement in a fast passed environment, a casino! We have to have high quality products, often with little lead time, and we demand special pricing. Marketing Tools Inc., always responds quickly, offers great ideas and delivers on time. We cannot afford to organize promotions and special offers and not have a marketing partner that we can’t rely on. That’s why we work with Marketing Tools, Inc. They deliver what they say!

Bill Koves, Procurement, Gun Lake Casino

I’ve used Marketing Tools, Inc. for the past 15 years for all my premiums, giveaways and new product launches. I use them because I know I can trust them to do what they say, when they say. Often it seems my orders are last minute or need to be delivered to tradeshows at large hotels and convention centers. I can count on Marketing Tools, Inc. to follow up and track my product. It’s another area of stress I just no longer have to worry about! I also rely on their creativity when I launch new pet products. They are no longer just a vendor; they’re a trusted member of my marketing team. Thanks you guys!

Mark Bennett, President, Bench & Field

I own the greatest fishing lodge on the planet! A 1,000 sq. mile lake located in the Northwest Territories 100 miles NORTH of Yellowknife, and we’re the only lodge on the entire lake! Try to get product up there in a hurry. Marketing Tools, Inc. found a way! We offer logo’d shirts, hats, and knives to all our guests who catch 30 pound Pike and Lake Trout, and most of them do. The product must arrive via float plane, after being shipped to the US, then to Canada, then to a bus and finally to a float plane. It’s a real problem. These guys got an emergency order to us in 3 days!! I couldn’t believe it. I’ve used them for years, and I swear they just keep getting better.

Dave Thompson, Owner, Lac La Marte Lodge